Promax 7.2 is the innovation in the latest technology which stands in no compete with any other miner till date offering 3710 MH/s making it the first, powerful and cost efficient miner. This device has been built up with features that increase the basic necessity and increase the output and further leading to shortening of the investment cycle.

It works on all algorithms making it mine different crypto currency.

Product Discontinued

Hash rate ETH 3710 MH/s , Z cash 59484 Sol/s
Dimensions (Inch) 31 x 17 x 28
Installed Memory 32 GB
Ethernet 1x Gigabit & Wi-Fi Enabled
USB 2 x USB2.0
Power supply 4500W  (with Smart Inverter Technology)
Operation System Optional
Security In-build Firewall
Cooling Hi-Speed Jet Cooling Fans
Warranty 180 days