As the interest in crypto currency keeps on rising hour by hour it has become the coolest trend in currency market. Rapidly evolving technology has made crypto currency mining a reality on home computers. In today’s era where the major part of the market has been occupied by Bitcoin ideologies, where various Miners are trying to grab in the attention of the customers with their advanced mining technologies and innovation, for all those miners here comes a competition, PROMAX7. Promax7 here launches its two products with high hashrate and low power consumption like no other miner till date.

Our R&D team has developed compact and efficient miners PROMAX 7.1 and PROMAX 7.2 these devices will work on all algorithms which means mining of multiple crypto currencies in one go. We have tested our devices for the highest performance and in toughest conditions. The circuitry is built with all solid capacitors hence the devices has a longer lifespan.

This feature makes our products one and only major compact and efficient miners till date which will definitely set a mark in the competitive market.


With its innovative looks all over its sides Promax 7 has come up with the invention in the technical specification and inclusion of new components and desirable function in the existing product and changes in its design thus preventing liquidation of the profits in the long term

High Performance

This device brings in high hashing performance and profitability thus avoiding the shortening of its lifespan. Both the devices has been built up with a thought to increase the basic necessity and the output further leading to shortening of the investment cycle. One of the reason for its highest performance is the compact size of the device as the intake of the power supply is comparatively less then compared to any other GPU mining rig.

Energy Efficient

As the demand in miners with higher harsh rate using lower power consumption is constantly growing which affects the demand and supply of the product, keeping this thought in the mind we have brought to our precious customers  an Energy efficient device  with a trick to maximize the hash rate per watt and to reduce the systems overall  energy footprint. The power supply usage is efficient than a large collection of standard component, the performance delivered by the devices is higher than a huge GPU mining farm.

Competitive Edge

Promax 7 the most compact and efficient GPU miner offers a better and higher performance than a full set of mining farm, as its power efficient and effective in outcomes. The main feature of this is that helps in mining various coins in one go which is not supported by any other miner till date.

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